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Email us at describing which of the amps would like to purchase and what type of coverings ( tolex and color or orange suede) you would like to have.  Once you are ready to purchase one of the amps or cabinets we will email you a Paypal invoice for the $300 cdn deposit. Once the amp is ready and packaged for shipping we send you the Postal Service tracking number . Then finally we email you the Paypal invoice for the balance owing. You can also come to our Toronto office and pickup and pay for your amp in person.

Yes you can use Credit cards. We use Payal to accept down payments and final payments. Paypal accepts credit cards as a payment method. We email you a Paypal invoice for the $300 down payment and then another email after the amp is ready and we have sent you the Postal service Tracking number.

Yes we accept Paypal as a payment option. We email you a Paypal invoice for the down payment and then a final invoice after the amp is ready and a tracking number has been sent to you.

Please email us at for all prices and options available Our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry for a hand wired amp.

The big advantage of a hand wired amp besides producing the best tones in the industry is that if any component in the amp needs repair it makes it much easier to repair than an amp using circuit boards! This can make a hand wired amp more affordable in the long run!

Yes we ship Worldwide! Shipping anywhere in North America is $50 – $200 Canadian. Please email for international rates. The farthest we have currently shipped to is Australia!

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